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HCS represents top management candidates that U.S. hotel owners and operators want to hire.

Employers are encouraged to read our "Employers Guide to Working with Hotel Headhunters" by Mitchell T. Prager CHA. Mr. Prager is the principle of Hospitality Career Services. This guide will prepare you to get the most out of hotel headhunters.

Agreement: Our agreement between the Hotel Employer & Hospitality Career Services is a simple one-page document. For proprietary reasons the document is not available on our website. The agreement will be forwarded to employers after an initial telephone conversation to confirm mutual interest.

References: Hospitality Career Services has outstanding references. A list of our very confidential references will be provided to employers after the initial telephone conversation to confirm mutual interest.

Fees: Hospitality Career Services offers a fee structure that is very competitive and requires a commitment on behalf of both parties. The fee includes a percentage of the successful candidate’s first years-base salary. Our fee structure will gladly be reviewed with interested employers.

How the whole thing works: This is best explained through conversation. Employers are encouraged to contact us at 480-585-0707. In our introductory telephone conversation we will confirm mutual interestand discuss terms of service.

HCS will then complete and forward to you an Opportunity Profile for your approval. The Opportunity Profile contains information about your company, the position, the candidate requirements, and the scope of the assignment etceteras. Upon your approval of the Profile, HCS will initiate the recruitment process. HCS maintains a confidential database of thousands of top hotel management candidates. The HCS database recruiter will query the database and contact the top 40 candidates that we've surfaced. At the same time the HCS Network Recruiter, and the HCS Internet Recruiter will be doing similar recruiting. In all, approximately 100 potential candidates will be surfaced. HCS will then screen, telephone interview, and implement their proven techniques in selecting the top few candidates for your position. The field will be narrowed down significantly and HCS will present approximately three qualified and interested candidates to you.